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Intertoll Africa – An Established Market Leader

We have been leaders in the markets we operate in for the past 25 years. Our experience, financial strength and quality assurance certification make us an excellent choice for a successful partnership.

A proven International Track-Record in Large Emerging Countries

Intertoll Africa has extensive experience in emerging economies across Asia, South America and Africa spanning over two decades – in countries such as Brazil, India and Bangladesh. We have a unique ability to adapt to new environments and to develop a broad set of both operational and technical solutions for our clients.

Our strength resides in our established position as market leader. In South Africa, we operate 4 national toll roads of over 800 kilometres in partnership with South Africa Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL). We remain at the forefront of the roll-out of Electronic Toll Collection across the country.

A unique Approach to Partnership

We pride ourselves in the ability to develop bespoke solutions to meet clients’ needs by tapping into our broad international network of partner financial institutions. We are deeply-rooted in Group Five’s “can-do” culture and the constant search for alignment of interests with our clients, in order to develop lasting, value-for-money solutions. Intertoll Africa enables Road Funds and Toll Road Developers to ‘internalise’ the tolling expertise within the Project Company and to mitigate the collection risk – a critical element for the “bankability” of many of these projects.

As an example: Intertoll Africa played a key role as a co-developer of the Zimbabwe Road Rehabilitation project, working with ZINARA in Zimbabwe to rehabilitate, maintain and operate the 840 km stretch of road from Plumtree to Mutare for a duration of 10 years through a Special Purpose Vehicle called Infralink.

We are the leading independent motorway operator in the Southern African region – with a strong development focus on the North-South Corridor Initiative. We are actively involved in numerous projects as co-developer and as operations & maintenance partner in roads, bridges and border posts projects. We are steadily growing our networks of partners in order to expand further our operations further into Eastern Africa and Western Africa.

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