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We are committed to the upliftment of communities in order to better people’s lives. We believe that in addition to operating a responsible and ethical business we can make a difference to communities, particularly those in the catchment areas of our operations. At the heart of our company’s business strategy therefore is socio-economic development. Emphasis is placed on community capacity building as well as partnerships with key stakeholders in the implementation of initiatives that ensure local ownership, impact and sustainability. Wherever we operate, we procure local resources and employ local staff for the majority of the work undertaken. Intertoll Africa’s community programmes are implemented under the Group Five ambit where we contribute 0.5% of our net profit after tax (NPAT), towards projects that uplift communities every year. Our areas of focus are:

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Education and Skills Development
  • Social programmes.

Highlights of Some of our Community Initiatives

"People at the Gate" Program

The “People at the Gate “programme is aimed at providing accredited basic construction skills training to unemployed job seekers arriving at the group’s construction sites, with the aim of employing them on projects or elsewhere where their skills can be utilised.

People at the Gate Training in progress

People at the Gate Graduates with Group Five Executives

Technical Skills Training

Our group sponsored the construction of a technical skills training facility in the DRC (Katanga Province) where hundreds of artisans are trained and thereafter get employment opportunities.

Official opening of the DRC Technical Training Centre

DRC Technical Training Centre

International Mandela Day

Our staff is encouraged to participate in the annual 67 minutes for Nelson Mandela day, during working hours to help the less fortunate.

Employees feeding the homeless on a cold Mandela Day

Staff cleaning and upgrading a children’s playground

Employees giving their time, painting and cleaning a home for orphanages

Employees giving their time, painting and cleaning a home for orphanages

Infrastructure Development

During the Zimbabwe Roads Rehabilitation project from Plumtree to Mature- not only were 98% of the staff on the project Zimbabwean nationals, we also contributed to the improvement of the lives of more than 10 000 local community members through a number of initiatives ranging from the refurbishing of several schools and a community clinic, transfer of skills and extensive use of subcontractors.

Upgrading of Ingezi Primary School, Zimbabwe

A refurbished Ingezi Clinic, Zimbabwe

Mfanyana Primary School (Before renovations)

Mfanyana Primary School (After renovations)

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